Michael’s passion for art and technology led to his love for digital photography and manipulation.  Embracing the tools that evolve daily from the technological world in which we live, he draws upon his background in drawing and painting to continuously discover new possibilities for his work to grow and flourish, such as the digital fragmenting, reflecting, and texturing in his recent photography. He was a recipient of an Individual Artist Award in Visual Arts: Photography in 2015 from the Maryland State Arts Council.



A series of still cinematic scenes of ambiguous narratives and perhaps familiar subjects. Images that are often times of a moment or event that will leave a lasting impression on the character/s, a turning point or sudden reversal of fortune.  Also the goal is to leave a lasting feeling of ambiguity to the viewer, whom may not be able to decide how they think or feel about the image.


The title “Superposition” comes from a quantum fundamental that a particle can exist in multiple positions simultaneously.  The imagery is of man made structures that caught Thompson’s eye along his sales route in parts of Western Maryland and Northern West Virginia. Using computer software, he removes the background which eliminates most scale and reference.  After using different reflecting/layering/texturing techniques the final image begins to materialize.

“Aerosol” is a series that Michael recently started which comes from his fascination with graffiti/street art.  


A series of digitally manipulated animals and animal faces that Michael has had the opportunity to photograph.  They are local animals except for the elephant which was photographed at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Thank you to the Scales and Tales Aviary at Rocky Gap State Park for the up close and personal experience with their owls!

-Art Tour Portraits-

An impromptu project which took place during the second weekend of the Mountain Maryland Art Sale and Tour 2014.  While set up at Zito Gallery, Michael offered digitally manipulated portraits to people who were partaking in the tour.  He continued the tradition in the 2015 Art Sale and Tour at Graphicus Atelier and again in 2016 at Vibrant Image.